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Yachting and Sailing Articles

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Injuries caused by marine wildlife

Maximum injuries are resulting from carelessness or lack of information. It's miles reassuring to recognize that


Yachting accidents and injuries. First aid tips

Yachting vacations are constantly a unique revel in, however how do you address the more ugly moments and how do you


Razzoli Island

At the island of razzoli there may be the beautiful bay of cala lunga with its a caribbean-like turquoise water.


Islands of the Bonifacio Straits

In the bonifacio straits, the maximum charming islands full of coves, bizarre rock formations and white beaches


Where to sail to Corsica from

For a journey to see the whole beauty of corsica, we recommend leaving from sardinia. Plus, as sailing boats


When to sail to Corsica

The pleasant crusing season is may also and the start of june, whilst the whole lot is in bloom, filling the air


Unbridled yachting in the crystal-clear sea of southern Corsica and the Strait of Bonifacio

The north of sardinia and the south of corsica are separated by means of the narrow strait of bonifacio. The coast and


How did it come about, sailing for the first time Was it always a dream of yours

It is a few years back. Iíve continually loved the water. And certainly all sports. Eleven years in the past we founded


A problem is a challenge to which a solution can always be found, says disabled yachtsman Jakub Koucký

Jakub koucky is an adventurer who dives into the whole thing head first. He by no means receives bored,


Which shoes are the most suitable

The coast of croatia and its islands are best for pure unbridled going for walks. If you avoid the huge popular


Protect yourself from overheating

Some other issue that the sun brings is from its direct rays. Sunscreen is probably the primary option we think of.


Water above all

It's miles exceptional to run early within the morning, when the solar hasn't had a risk to heat the roads and



Earlier than we set out on an adventure in the spirit of run & sail, it is good to prepare well and punctiliously.


Additional activities when yachting Running in Croatia

At the beginning glance, the sports of crusing and jogging appear up to now eliminated from one another that they


Running in Croatia - tips for nice cross-country trips

Even though it doesnít seem so at the start glance, yachting and walking have plenty in common. The mixture of these


Voyage in rugged windy Scotland with a tasting of fine smoky whiskey

Within the 2nd half of of april 2012, our sports cruise came about in scotland, attended by using three westerly boats