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When to sail to Corsica

The pleasant crusing season is may also and the start of june, whilst the whole lot is in bloom, filling the air with an intoxicating perfume.

You can enjoy a quieter cruise from mid-september and october. From mid-july to mid-august, when there are vacations in italy, you may forget about the abandoned bays. Italian vacations culminate at the 15th of august, while the national vacation of ferragosto starts. Happily, the italians are very predictable and arrive between 11am and 6pm. At round 2pm the surface of the bay resembles an anthill, but you're nearly alone there via the late afternoon. Through then the italians have already headed off to the ports and eating places. The eating places on the islands aren't that busy within the bays and their season is very short-lived. Therefore head to the harbours or marinas for food out of season.