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Islands of the Bonifacio Straits

In the bonifacio straits, the maximum charming islands full of coves, bizarre rock formations and white beaches are in large part to be determined within the l. A. Maddalena national park, so pay to moor here.

Commonly, it charges 2 to three euros in step with metre of boat duration according to day (present day prices to l. A. Maddalena islands). The bays are rotated through guards of the character reserve on small boats who gather for mooring, frequently arriving between eleven am and a couple of pm, when the maximum boats are within the bays. However, some charter companies already have this value included within the rental charge. Except for the bush-like maquis, those islands of red granite are with out plants. Most of them are surrounded through seen or greater hidden underwater rocks and reefs, so unique navigation is essential. The ocean actions from turquoise to heavenly blue and is completely obvious. As a end result, whilst itís calm or in low winds, snorkelling is in reality breath-taking while exploring the diverse rocks and small islets. Percent a skinny neoprene healthy to soak up and explore the underwater international for even longer. In the calm, youíll find the maximum exciting places with severa fish, octopuses, cavesÖ